Safety Policy


Dig Monsters Pakistan is committed to providing outstanding customer service for brand clients and publisher partners and takes brand safety very seriously. The measures we take to ensure brand safety is upheld are detailed within this Brand Safety Policy. We have undergone an external audit conducted by an independent authority. As a result, we have been accredited with trust seal for our adherence to their online behavioral advertising policies. We adhere to the Digital Trading Standards Group Good Practice Principles. We also work with different government agencies, which provide us with us access to the Infringing Website List.

Dig Monsters Pakistan verification

At Digmonsters.pk, we have developed our own verification process. All inventory we access goes through a three-stage process including both automated and manual checks, ensuring everything is 'Verified'. Firstly, we only buy advertising space through our demand-side platforms' audited inventory, which undergoes a visual human check for brand safety when it is on-boarded.

Do not extend payment to anyone you have not met in person. Such risk shall be borne by the user and it shall not be the responsibility of the website/mobile app.

Beware offers involving shipping - deal with locals you can meet in person. Such transactions shall be at the risk of the buyer and seller.

The website and its affiliated mobile app prohibit the wiring of funds (e.g. Western Union). Such wiring shall be considered a fraud and the user shall take the responsibility of any loss arising out of the same.

No seller and/or buyer shall accept cashier/certified checks or money orders -  banks cash fakes. Such transaction shall wield at the risk of the specific party and the website/mobile app shall not be held liable for any issues arising out of the particular arrangement.

Transactions shall only be allowed to operate between users only . The website and the affiliated mobile app shall not be held liable for any loss arising out of the transaction between the seller/buyer with a third party.


Secondly, we have a dedicated analytics and publishing team who constantly review our delivery to ensure that brand safety is upheld. The team analyses all metrics to flag anything suspicious and, in the event that anything is flagged, action is taken to remove or monitor the inventory source. Finally, we license third party brand safety companies including Integral Ad Science, Double Verify and Peer39 to further ensure brand safety at a pre and post bid level. This validates the work we do and ensures that our internal measures are up to date.

White lists and Blacklists

Blacklists are used at placement, website, and publisher and seller level. Blacklists assist us to remove unsuitable websites from our inventory pool. We ensure that all of these blacklists are monitored and updated on a regular basis. The exchanges are constantly growing with the addition of new inventory, so we ensure our blacklists are constantly evolving and reacting to such growth. (This term contains video content and other data that is inappropriate for the website. The blocking as explained in the terms and conditions makes comment of the same. If inappropriate content is detected or reported, the user and the profile will be blocked). Additionally, you can provide us with your own blacklists to run across all our activity, or we can run a white list of approved sites to guarantee your brand safety.

Takedown Policy

In the very unlikely event that one of our ads is published on a website that is deemed inappropriate, we will make every reasonable effort to take it down as soon as possible, irrespective of whether it was bought directly or indirectly. All takedown requests received within Pakistan business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm) will be auctioned within 1 business day of confirmed receipt. The contractual consequences of our failure to take reasonable steps to remove an ad from an unsuitable website upon written request are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

To contact Digmonsters Pakistan with a takedown request, please email us at info@digmonsters.pk